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sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

Solaris International #386

Welcome to Episode #386! At the time of writing, having just wrapped the show I am about to start packing and head off to Australia for the Stereosnic 2013 tour - really looking forward to it this year, on previous visits to Australia I've been travelling alone but this time I have Giuseppe Ottaviani for company, so I shall not be short of a conversation about Pizza and pasta making that's for sure. Also on this trip I'll be visiting Singapore and Manila - full details on my the Dj page of my website I've got an extended Uplifing Selection for you this week as there is so much good melodic trance about - always makes me happy to say those words! But my Big Tune simply had to be this cut from the Pure Trance 2 album - rarely does an acapella work so well over an unreleated track - I think the Jump The Next Train / Emerge mashup is better than either original - and that's saying something! Well, no time to delay, I need to go get ready for Aus. See you next week Rich Ss

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