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sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Solaris International #398

Welcome to Episode #398. OK so I am feeling horribly rough at the time of writing this, hopefully this doesn't come through on the show itself - this is what happens when you have kids, they bring home all sorts of colds & bugs from school to say thankyou. Anyway - thanks all who came out to Cream in Liverpool last weekend, the club was heaving and I think we can call it a success. This weekend it is Digital Society's 7th birthday on Friday in Leeds where I'm hosting the Pure Trance room, and the following say I am Orkidea's guest at the Waterpark event in Finland - two very different gigs!c In this weeks show watch out for a slab of brilliance from Basil O'Glue and another from James Allan - which is my Bgi Tune as it happen. Also Chris Metcalfe has excelled himself with his remix of 'Fiero' by Ronski Speed. I'm having an early night - catch you next week. Rich ss.

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